Here’s The Diet That Works

You see, long term weight loss has never been achieved by following a restrictive diet that bans your favorite foods. Such a diet is a temporary fix to a long term problem. Truth of the matter is the diet that works is not that complicated. It doesn't come in liquid or powder form and surely doesn't force you to eliminate your favorite foods.

Here’s An Easy Way To Estimate Food Portions

You probably know that measuring your portions using tools such as  scales, cups and spoons is the most accurate method of ensuring that your portions meet recommended sizes. However, lugging around a set of measuring tools is not always the most convenient thing to do. Besides, imagine pulling out a mini-scale at a restaurant to

Hibiscus Sabadariffa (Zobo/Bissap/Sobolo)

Also Known As Bissap (Senegal) Gul e Khatmi (Pakistan), Jamaica ( Mexico) Orhul (India). Roselle, Sorrel (Jamaica) Sobolo (Ghana), Ufuta (Swahili) How used in the diet 1. As a hot or cold beverage/ tea sometimes flavored with ginger, tumeric and/or lemongrass. 2. As a vegetable in stews H. Sabadariffa as medicine Traditionally Hibsicus has been

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