Here’s The Diet That Works

You see, long term weight loss has never been achieved by following a restrictive diet that bans your favorite foods. Such a diet is a temporary fix to a long term problem. Truth of the matter is the diet that works is not that complicated. It doesn't come in liquid or powder form and surely doesn't force you to eliminate your favorite foods.

Small Dried Fish

Dried Small Fish Small Dried Fish Also known as Matemba (Zimbabwe), Kapenta (Zambia), Daaga (Tanzania), Omena (Kenya), Same age boys (Ghana), Janga (Cameroon), Mwanja moto (Cameroon) (Help us include more African names, leave us a comment below with what you call these little guys in your country…don’t forget to tell us where you

Fermented Beverages

Also Known as: Mahewu (Shona), Amarewu (Xhosa), Amahewu (Zulu) Togwa (Tanzania), Mabundu (Venda), Mapotho Mahewu (As I grew up calling it) is a traditional African beverage enjoyed by millions. Derived from fermenting cereals such as maize (corn), millet and sorghum, it can be consumed hot or cold and is commonly served as a thirst quencher,

Simple African Beef Stew

Every good pot of sadza/ugali/pap/fufu/rice deserves a great stew and if you are a beef eater, this is the recipe for you. While coconut adds a subtle flavor to the stew, it can be omitted for a lower fat variation. Ingredients 2 lb (4.4 kg) beef for stewing 2 heaped tablespoons curry powder 1 tsp black pepper 1


Sadza/Ugali/ Nshima:  If I had to serve one food item that would represent most countries in Africa, I am pretty sure this starchy staple would be in my serving dish.  Usually prepared by mixing water and a starch to a thick porridge consistency,  this dish is refered to by various names throughout the continent. Common names include Sadza,

Would you like some Baobab with that?

A baobab fruit split open to show the seeds. The fruit is about 18 cm long, and the seeds themselves are dark and encased in cubes of dry, white pulp, which can be dissolved in water with sugar or warm milk to make a drink. This fruit was obtained in the Eastern Highlands of

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