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Fast Food In Africa…An African Dietitian’s Perspective

Multinational food companies are rapidly expanding their franchises across the African continent. As a dietitian, I worry about the rise of chronic diseases often associated with diets high in processed, fried foods and sugary beverages similar to those served in such institution. This is my perspective on what politicians and executives need to do to mitigate impact and promote health.

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Urban farm

The Future of Food: How the youth are changing the food supply

At age 23, Munya S. is supplying local grocery stores with food from his urban farm.

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Collard Greens and Peanuts-Certainly Not a Strange Combination

When people on social media criticized the publication of a collard greens with peanuts recipe, I was perplexed. I grew up on a steady diet of peanuts in almost everything. How/Why is this food combination strange?

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Sadza is NOT Fattening! Excess Calories Are!

Note: This article which I wrote for Her Zimbabwe (www.herzimbabwe.co.zw) answers the commonly asked questions about an African favorite. Known as Sadza, Nshima, Ugali, Posho, Pap, fufu etc. it is a staple in many households but the age of dieting has made it a villain. But is it really the culprit of excess weight gained?   […]

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The women bring in the cooked food to the room where the in-laws sit. Each dis is brought in a pot and laid on the floor before the guests.

Food as Culture & Feeding the In-Laws

 “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez My niece Thabiso (Thaby) recently got married and as we went through the proceedings of welcoming Kata, our  “mukwasha” (Son-in-law) into the family, I found myself […]

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A Ghanaian Favorite.

African Food: The World is ready!

Not so long ago, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of Britain published a recipe highlighting his interpretation of Jollof rice. Many Africans took to social media to lividly voice their dismay at a recipe that they considered unrecognizable as part of their beloved West African cuisine. As I followed the discussion, I could hardly contain my […]

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The nutrition of sadza

If I had to pick an international African dish, it would most probably be the thick porridge starch known as sadza/posho/isitshwala/nshima/ugali etc. However, with all the diet misinformation on the market, some are staying away from it stating that it is fattening. I wrote an article for HerZimbabwe.com and dispelled this myth. “In the interest […]

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Madagascar Pink Rice

I’m Cooking Madagascar Pink Rice

A few weeks ago I shared a picture of Madagascar Pink Rice that I had purchased at a local organic food store. After weeks of just gawking at how pretty it looked, I decided to cook it. I wanted to taste the true unadulterated flavor of the rice so I simply cooked it in water […]

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Overweight/Obesity Rates Amongst African Women Aged 15-100 years (Source: World Health Organization)

Why Is Africa Getting Fatter?

 Obesity is rapidly becoming a public health challenge on the African continent. According to the World Health Organization’s Global Infobase, women aged between 15-100 years living in The Seychelles, Lesotho, South Africa, Mauritania and Mauritius suffer the highest overweight/obesity prevalence rates with averages ranging between 56.8% to 73.8%.  Amongst African men of the same age, prevalence rates are lower with averages ranging […]

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Plantain the healthy way…..

Plantain is a fruit that is enjoyed in many parts of Africa, the Carribean and Asia. In Africa, it is commonly enjoyed deep fried or boiled. Both of these cooking methods however may be detrimentral to the overall nutritional content of the fruit. Frying creates a beautifully golden brown product but adds unnecessary calories negating the […]

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