It all seems too complicated and time consuming.

You’e a busy mom stressed by the pressures of working full-time and raising a family without the traditional help of relatives or hired hands. You’re tired everyday, hauling the kids in from day care, dreading the long homework assignments you need to help them with. Your efforts to eat healthier haven’t given you results and your pantry overflows with ingredients from the last meal plan you tried to follow. Ingredients that only you would eat because your family made faces at the meals they produced. You stare at the pantry, open and close the refrigerator several times, “What’s for dinner?” The last thing you want to do is make a meal, let alone one that no one wants to eat.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone…but healthy eating does not have to be complicated.

[Diet : |ˈdīət| noun

The kinds of food a person, animal or community habitually eats.

It all starts with the foods you love. The foods that you regularly eat.

At TAPN, , we believe you’re the expert of what you like to eat and respect your taste buds.
We want to help make healthy eating second nature and rather than tell you what to eat, we work with you to make subtle changes in your daily food choices and design a meal plan that pleases your taste buds and fits into your crazy schedule.
Studies show that people who plan their meals (and stick to them) lose more weight and keep it off than those who don’t. They also spend less money on groceries, leaving room in the budget to do the things they love and buy a few luxuries …(Hello little black dress)!
A customized Meal Plan delivered through our App just the right tool you need to get your nutrition action plan into motion.

But what is a meal plan?

Simply put, a meal plan is a balanced guide for healthy eating. It includes enough of all the nutrients your body needs to thrive. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about everyday eating.
Our plans are built with you in mind and take into consideration your height, weight, gender, health status, activity level, schedule and most importantly personal eating habits. They include the foods you love and can be enjoyed by the entire family.
The goal is to create a plan that you can stick to but allow you to make appropriate substitutions whenever you wantAnd with that, good health follows.

Think of our meal planning app as having a personal dietitian guiding all your food choices.

Here’s how it works:


Tell us about you.

Answer a few questions about yourself. Don’t worry, nothing major…just height, weight, exercise habits etc. (You can tell us more if you want…we’re very good listeners)


Invite us to your meals

Well, not literally but give us a seat at your dinner table. Once you sign up for our meal planning services, you’ll receive an email telling to log what you eat. For a minimum of 5 days including at least 1 weekend day, keep a detailed dairy telling our nutrition experts each and every bit of food you put in your mouth. This will give us a very good idea of what you like to eat and where you can make some simple changes.


Allow us to put the science of nutrition to work for you

They’ll also tell you which nutrients are missing in your diet and provide you with a list of foods that you can eat to ensure that your diet fully nourishes.


Receive a week of suggested meals

Once your meal plan is complete, we’ll link it to your account and you are on your way to healthier eating. Don’t like what’s on the menu? Simply, exchange it with something from the same group and reach for your goals.

Personalized meal plans at your fingertips

Your personalized meal plan is available on the app so you can
easily access it wherever you are.
No more wondering what to eat….it’s all at your fingertips.
No smart phone? No problem!
We’ll give you access to a personalized internet based account
so you can still enjoy the benefits your meal plan.

App features

• Extensive database of African ingredients
• Personalized meal plan accessible via smart phone app or internet
• Registered Dietitian Nutritionist designed meal plans to create taste bud approved healthy plans
• Flexible exchange system to allow you to swap out the foods you don’t feel like eating on the day we plan them for you. (Our easy drop down box feature allows you to pick an item from the same good group. The app will automatically calculate the portion size so you keep on track with your goals. )
• Recipe analysis. Have a recipe you like? Add it to your personal database so we can capture your nutrient intakes.
• Grocery list based on your planned menu sent directly to your phone. Choose to shop for the whole week or simply by the day. Electronically check off each item you buy as you shop.
• Free weekly nutrition tips from your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
• Weight tracker
• Exercise tracker (compatible with Fitbit)

Sign up today for our low introductory price of $99

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What you get:

  • Review of 5 day food diary by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
  • Nutritional analysis of current eating habits to include Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc
  • Suggestions for improving your current diets and making your diet more wholesome for weight loss and/or controlling blood pressure or blood sugars
  • 7 day personalized meal plan based on your food preferences and eating habits
  • 1 month access to our meal planning app to give you the opportunity to plan your own meals with expert guidance from out templates
  • Weekly nutrition message from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist delivered directly to your inbox

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