About Cordialis Chipo

I founded The African Pot Nutrition (TAPN) to teach people of African descent how to eat well in a period of the nutrition transition and the consequent “New African Diet.” My mission is simple, “To improve health………” If I can help a father prevent a stroke, a sister manage diabetes, a brother reduce risk of cancer or a mother live long enough to hold her grandchildren, my mission will be complete.

In Defense of Sadza

n today's world today, we eat too much (of the wrong foods) and move little. What links diabetes and learning problems is the fact that we have abandoned our highly nutritious traditional ingredients, feeding practices and lifestyles in exchange for modern processed foods and cooking methods coupled with sedentary ways.

Fast Food In Africa…An African Dietitian’s Perspective

When I heard first heard about multinational fast food companies expanding throughout Africa, I was ready to protest. Much like the rest of the world, obesity in Africa is on the rise and as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has seen the negative contributions of fast food on the health of Westerners, I shuddered at

Ceebu Jen

I have received several requests for this recipe and am just getting around to it now (my apologies). This is often referred to as  the "national dish of Senegal," and I can see why. It is absolutely delicious. Loaded with vegetables and fish, it is a welcome healthy variation of the rice and fish dishes served throughout Africa. I

Playing in Chie’s Kitchen!

 I was home making dinner the other night and I decided to create this vlog. Initially I was going to record the whole dinner process with the stew, greens and starch but the logistics just did not pan out. So, I made the main dish and you get to watch the unedited version directly from Chie’s Kitchen.

Beef Chutney

This is my go-to dish whenever I am having a lazy day but still need to feed the family. The main ingredient Mrs Ball's Chutney, an extremely flavorful chutney from South Africa. In North America, you can find it on Amazon.com and speciality stores that sell international foods (e.g World Market).  It is extremely flavorful and delicious when

10 Tips for Successful Long-Term Weight Loss.

 I am constantly being asked for weight loss advice. Most of the times, people want my opinion on the latest diet fads circulating the market and when I deliver the grim message that "fad diets don't work," they look at me with utter disbelief before narrating how Jane lost weight on the "diet" as did Brenda, Peter and Paul.

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