Recent studies have suggested that African diets are amongst the healthiest in the world. In addition to relying on minimally processed, locally grown foods, they are loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and high fiber foods, all of which are essential components for prevention of disease and overall good health.

The goal of This African Food Database is to provide scientific documentation of some of the most common foods consumed on the continent.

Depending on the findings of the research we’ve reviewed, our nutrition experts have classified all foods in this database into 3 categories

There is ample research indicating that foods in the “APPROVED” category contain nutrients that are beneficial to overall health and disease prevention. They should be eaten every day and should be the base of all diets.

Foods in our “USE MODERATELY” category have some evidence for health but there is also some research suggesting that they contain some elements that are not good for you. Consume foods in this group no more than 2-3 times per week

The “USE SPARINGLY” category includes foods that contain have significant research indicating that they increase risk of disease. While they too have a role to play in your diet, we encourage you to decrease their use to no more than once a week. If you already don’t eat foods in this group, good for you. Don’t start. There’s nothing healthy about foods in this group.