Founder’s Note:

As a health care professional, I can unequivocally announce that I am worried.
I’m worried about the nutrition transition in which many Africans are trading wholesome traditional ingredients for western-inspired foods of poorer nutritional quality.

I am worried about the rise of obesity and diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes and hypertension amongst people of African descent, especially those who lack access to adequate healthcare.

I am worried about the engineers, doctors, lawyers and the rest of the working class lives being lost to complications of chronic disease.

I am worried about our children who if current trends persist will inherit a future of ill-health.

I founded The African Pot Nutrition (TAPN), to teach people how to eat and stay well in a period of extreme development and diseases of lifestyle.


I founded The African Pot Nutrition (TAPN), to teach people how to eat and stay well in a period of extreme development and diseases of lifestyle.


I value prevention, especially in the absence of reliable health care. I believe in the power of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles for both prevention and management of medical conditions. But, there’s a problem, with all the conflicting diet and lifestyle information circulating in both mainstream and new forms of media, getting healthy can be downright confusing.

As a board certified dietitian nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from California State University, Los Angeles and a Master’s of Arts in African Area Studies (with an emphasis on Public Health) from the University of California, Los Angeles I have a unique understanding of both the science of improving health through changing diets and lifestyles as well as improving health on the African continent. In addition, to ensure that I provide cutting-edge, evidence based information, I hold a Certificate in Advanced Training for Adult Weight Management from the Commission on Dietetic Registration and am a Certified Diabetes Prevention Coach.

The goal of TAPN is to translate the science of healthy living into bite sized action plans that you can incorporate in your day to day activities. No gimmicks, magic bullets or special gadgets here. Just science driven results.

About me and you

I’ve been there. I’m a mother of 3 who has struggled to lose weight after the babies. I run a busy household, work full time and can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to get things done. I lost my mother to complications of high blood pressure and used to wonder if one day I too would get the same diagnosis.

I took charge of my health and practice what I preach. As difficult as it is, I plan my meals, cook what my we eat and fit physical activity in my daily routine . In fact, I’m a proud two time marathoner… whoever said African girls don’t run, never met me!

I managed to create balance in my life and want to help you achieve the same.


“I run because high blood pressure runs in my family.”

How I can Help You

TAPN is all about helping people just like you create their health and get results while including the foods they love.

Great health always starts with a plan and TAPN’s online and smart phone based meal planning app helps create a plan you can stick to. We adore traditional dishes so in creating this tool, we made sure to include the foods the people of Africa are accustomed to enjoying. It’s never about deprivation, it’s about learning healthier ways to incorporate the foods you love.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Class is in session. Our nutrition classes teach you everything we know about creating healthy lifestyles and preventing or managing weight and chronic health conditions. At the end of each course, you’ll have a list of life changing skills and habits that will transform your health.

Through the blog, African Food Database and social media accounts, we provide free information that you can use and share with your family and friends. The more people we can all reach, the more lives we can save. It’s rude not to share, so tell a friend or seven about us. You could save their life.

Finally, at TAPN, we partner with some of the organizations improving health in the places you live. While we may never speak to you directly, you’re getting life changing information through our partners. After all, it takes a village to create great health.
At the end of the day, my mission with TAPN is simple, “To improve health………” If I can help you lose weight, prevent a father from suffering a stroke, empower a sister to manage diabetes, a brother reduce risk of cancer or a mother live long enough to hold her grandchildren, my mission will be complete.

I hope you join me
because what happens at TAPN will change your life!

Do something today that your health
will thank you for tomorrow.

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