Whole Grain Sorghum Sadza is an extremely nutritious form of the African staple.

5 Reasons Traditional African Diets Are The Healthiest In the World.

  A recent study documented what many African elders have long known; traditional diets are healthy and protective against disease. Unlike many from the generations that follow them, most of ...

The women bring in the cooked food to the room where the in-laws sit. Each dis is brought in a pot and laid on the floor before the guests.

Food as Culture & Feeding the In-Laws

 “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez My ...

A Ghanaian Favorite.

African Food: The World is ready!

Not so long ago, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of Britain published a recipe highlighting his interpretation of Jollof rice. Many Africans took to social media to lividly voice their dismay ...



10 African Dishes for 2014

Regular followers of this blog may recall how on New Year’s  2011, ...

Why You Should Include Small Dry Fish In Your Diet

When I asked my friends on Facebook to name these little fish ...
Overweight/Obesity Rates Amongst African Women Aged 15-100 years (Source: World Health Organization)

Why Is Africa Getting Fatter?

 Obesity is rapidly becoming a public health challenge on the African continent. According ...

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In Defense of Sadza

n today’s world today, we eat too much (of the wrong foods) and move little. What links diabetes and learning problems is the fact that we have abandoned our highly nutritious traditional ingredients, feeding practices and lifestyles in exchange for modern processed foods and cooking methods coupled with sedentary ways.

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Fast Food In Africa…An African Dietitian’s Perspective

Multinational food companies are rapidly expanding their franchises across the African continent. As a dietitian, I worry about the rise of chronic diseases often associated with diets high in processed, fried foods and sugary beverages similar to those served in such institution. This is my perspective on what politicians and executives need to do to mitigate impact and promote health.

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Urban farm

The Future of Food: How the youth are changing the food supply

At age 23, Munya S. is supplying local grocery stores with food from his urban farm.

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Collard Greens and Peanuts-Certainly Not a Strange Combination

When people on social media criticized the publication of a collard greens with peanuts recipe, I was perplexed. I grew up on a steady diet of peanuts in almost everything. How/Why is this food combination strange?

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PicMonkey Collage

3 Healthy Habits I am doing more of in 2016….and why you should join me.

I am running, eating more veggies and sitting at the table. This is why I am doing so and think you should join me.

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5 Tips To Raising Healthy Eaters

Parents can promote healthy eaters. One way is by not “forcing” a child to finish all of the food on the their plates. Give them permission to listen to their bodies. My thoughts published in Radiant Health Magazine.

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Marcus Samuelsson FNCE

5 Things I learned from Celebrity Chef Marcus Sammuelsson

Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson is probably one of Africa’s most popular Chef’s. Find out what I learned about his food philosophies and philanthropic work.

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Mashed Pumpkin with peanut butter

Got Pumpkin? Make Nhopi! (RECIPE)

It is officially pumpkin season in North America so I am making one of my absolute favorite comfort foods. This is a great snack or side dish that is also Vegan friendly!!

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African Portion sizes

A Simple Way to Estimate Portions: The Zimbabwe Hand Jive

To ensure optimal health, you need to control your food portions, but how do you know if the food you are serving is adequate for you? While using measuring tools such as scales, cups and spoons is the most accurate method of ensuring correct portion control, it is not always convenient. A method healthcare practitioners […]

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Recipe Okra (the way my grandmother taught me)

Someone left me a comment, “ko derere munobika here?” (“Do you cook okra?”) I laughed heartedly but when I went to the local store and saw fresh okra on the shelf, I knew I had to pay homage to my grandmother (gogo) while answering the question of the reader. “Hongu derere ndinobika ende sandi kunaka ikoko!” (“Yes, I do cook okra and it […]

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