Article: Seasoning Cubes and Powders: Less Salt Please!

At age 9, my mother taught me how to cook. She got me a little step stool so that I could reach the stove top, showed me how to make ...


Sorghum- A Nutrition Packed African Grain!

I have a love affair with sorghum. Perhaps it is the color, perhaps it is the texture or perhaps it is simply because when I was a little girl I ...


In Chie’s Kitchen: Seswaa

I recently asked my friends on Facebook which foods should be part ...


So THIS  is 2012! After a fairly low-key New Year’s Eve I woke up this ...

Hibiscus: The African Tea with Health Benefits

Are you a Hibiscus lover? Did you know that besides being a favorite beverage in many African countries, this beloved plant, turned beverage is loaded with nutrients and can actually help control your blood pressure. Find out more here in this article I wrote for Radiant Health Magazine: Zobo Drink For Heart Health

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Becoming an African Vegetarian? Here’s What You Should Know

  Hello TAPN friends! It has been a while! It is the middle of summer in my neck of the woods and with that comes the long hot days, summer vacation, swimming, playing and having a jolly good time.  Although I have not posted much on the blog, I have been busy cooking, developing recipes […]

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The end of “30 Days A Vegan.”

Today marked the official end of the “30 Days A Vegan Challenge” and I must admit that time flew fast. I did not get to make all the dishes I intended to make, did not blog as much as I had hoped to and must importantly, did not miss taking a bite of meat….not once. […]

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Soya Chunks in Peri Peri Sauce

Soya Chunks in Peri Peri Sauce

My friend Freedes from My Burnt Orange went Vegan for Lent. Through our conversations on Twitter (follow us @africadietitian and @vegan_african), she informed me that her favorite dish during this time was the Babganoush. I shared that mine was the Peri Peri Soya Chunk Sauce, using Soya Chucks from Zimbabwe, and we instantly agreed on […]

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18 African Vegan Protein Choices: 30 Days A Vegan!

Despite my silence, my husband and I are in the third week of our “30 Days A Vegan” challenge and I must admit,  I am loving the  lifestyle. When I started I worried about variety and feared that I would crave steak and chicken half way into the challenge. A few colleagues teased that my […]

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Article: Seasoning Cubes and Powders: Less Salt Please!

At age 9, my mother taught me how to cook. She got me a little step stool so that I could reach the stove top, showed me how to make a few dishes and a few months later I was literally making dinner for the family. I do not remember the specifics of the recipes […]

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"30 Days A Vegan"
Tofu Kabob

“30 Days A Vegan!” Can Africans Can Be Vegetarian?

  I think I struck a nerve. I had never had so much opinion on my dietary choices until I announced that my husband and I were embarking on a “30 Days A Vegan” challenge. All of a sudden, everyone had an opinion.  While my non-African friends praised my efforts, almost all my African family, […]

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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

Good Health! We all want it but how do we get it? While there is no cookie cutter method to getting healthier, there are some things you can do to get a step closer to excellent health. Find out more in my article published in Radiant Health Magazine.  http://www.radianthealthmag.com/health-wellness/10-things-you-can-do-to-improve-your-health-2/

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Palm Oil: Friend or Foe?

Palm oil is a popular ingredient in many parts of Africa. Is it healthy? Is it good for you? Should you eat it? Find out my thoughts as written in Radiant Health Magazine.    http://www.radianthealthmag.com/healthy-eating/is-palm-oil-good-for-cooking/

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Article: Meal Planning For the Busy Mom

I recently became a writer for Radiant Health Magazine, “Nigeria’s Leading Health Magazine.”  It is an exciting venture with numerous health articles for Nigerian (and indeed African) women.  Here is a link to one of the articles in their premier issue. I would love to hear your thoughts.  http://www.radianthealthmag.com/healthy-eating/meal-planning-made-easy-2/

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