Becoming an African Vegetarian? Here’s What You Should Know

  Hello TAPN friends! It has been a while! It is the middle of summer in my neck of the woods and with that comes the long hot days, summer ...


Article: Seasoning Cubes and Powders: Less Salt Please!

At age 9, my mother taught me how to cook. She got me a little step stool so that I could reach the stove top, showed me how to make ...


Sorghum- A Nutrition Packed African Grain!

I have a love affair with sorghum. Perhaps it is the color, perhaps it is the texture or perhaps it is simply because when I was a little girl I ...



10 African Dishes for 2014

Regular followers of this blog may recall how on New Year’s  2011, ...

Why You Should Include Small Dry Fish In Your Diet

When I asked my friends on Facebook to name these little fish ...
Overweight/Obesity Rates Amongst African Women Aged 15-100 years (Source: World Health Organization)

Why Is Africa Getting Fatter?

 Obesity is rapidly becoming a public health challenge on the African continent. According ...

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Mafe, commonly known as African Peanut Soup. One of the most popular dishes from the continent.

African Food: The World is ready!

Not so long ago, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of Britain published a recipe highlighting his interpretation of Jollof rice. Many Africans took to social media to lividly voice their dismay at a recipe that they considered unrecognizable as part of their beloved West African cuisine. As I followed the discussion, I could hardly contain my […]

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Fast food...beach style

Snapshots of a vacationing African Foodie

I know I have been MIA but life in the TAPN world has continued to happen. I have been writing and developing recipes for wonderful publications like Radiant Health Magazine and Food & Nutrition Magazine, working with organizations interested in reducing the impact of chronic disease in Africa and helping some of you make changes […]

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Diabetes. Are You At Risk?

November 14 is World Diabetes Day and worldwide we are talking about diabetes, it’s risk factors, it’s treatment options and what you can do to prevent it or delay its onset.  In 2000, the World Health Organization released a very conservative estimate that 7.5 million Africans suffered from diabetes and anticipated the rates to double […]

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Take Home Messages from The US Conference on African Immigrant Health 2014

In September, I had both the privilege and honor to attend and present at the 2nd United States Conference on African Immigrant Health 2014 (USCAIH 2014) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. It was an exciting 2.5 day conference packed with valuable information on the health of the African immigrant in the USA. From diet, hospitalizations and […]

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#Jollofgate. A Call For Africans to Write their Stories (Recipes)

#Jollofgate! That is the thread that had me checking my social media account more than usual last week. Africans, mainly from the west were abuzz! Earlier this year, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had published his interpretation of Jollof Rice and as you may guess, it varied from  what many consider to be the “traditional” version […]

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Mahewu, a traditional fermented African beverage.

Drinks For Health! African favorite Beverages for Improved Health

When I had my children, my Aunt Charity gave me a packet of chimera (sorghum) to make sure that I always had a steady supply of a traditional beverage which she, (and many elders in my society) believed to be beneficial for increasing milk supply. In Zimbabwe,  this drink is called  Mahewu and throughout Africa […]

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When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is key!

Every October the world celebrates “Breast Cancer Awareness” to help reduce the death rates related to one of the most common female cancers in the world.  The statistics regarding survival rates in black women are disheartening because although white women are more likely to be diagnosed with the disease, black women are more likely to […]

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Why peel cowpeas (beans) in African Cooking?

There is a tradition that cowpeas/beans are peeled in the cuisine of Africa and it’s diaspora. Whether it is Moin Moin from Nigeria, Akara from Ghana 0r Beignets de Niebé from Mali, cooks all over the continent spend time ensuring that every pea has the hull removed when cooking a variety of dishes. But, why do […]

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Hibiscus: The African Tea with Health Benefits

Are you a Hibiscus lover? Did you know that besides being a favorite beverage in many African countries, this beloved plant, turned beverage is loaded with nutrients and can actually help control your blood pressure. Find out more here in this article I wrote for Radiant Health Magazine: Zobo Drink For Heart Health

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Becoming an African Vegetarian? Here’s What You Should Know

  Hello TAPN friends! It has been a while! It is the middle of summer in my neck of the woods and with that comes the long hot days, summer vacation, swimming, playing and having a jolly good time.  Although I have not posted much on the blog, I have been busy cooking, developing recipes […]

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